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S60-powered Samsung B5100 gets spotted, sized up

Ok so it isn’t nearly as sexy or action-packed as its big brother the OmniaHD, but it’s always good to see another S60 handset courtesy of Sammy. If a glass-topped AMOLED full touchscreen >>

Full specs of the BlackBerry Tour leak out

We all know that Bell is prepping to launch the BlackBerry Tour 9630 sometime in the near future, and now for the first time a document detailing the full specs of the hotly >>

Photos of the BlackBerry 9630 Niagara emerge

Well there you have it folks — live photos of the BlackBerry 9630 Niagara have surfaced on the internet and it looks exactly as it did when we first scooped it way back >>

Abra Kadabra: Vodafone summons the HTC Magic

Vodafone and HTC came together today to announce the HTC Magic, the latest Android handset we named and outed yesterday. As the world’s first touchscreen-only Android phone, the Magic isn’t that much of >>