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Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread gets detailed

It’s no secret that the next delicious chapter in Android will be made out of Gingerbread, but until today we didn’t have much of an idea about its ingredients. Thanks to Russian mobile >>

Android 2.2 test build for Motorola DROID leaks out

This isn’t the first time that Android 2.2 has been made available to adventurous DROID owners, but it is the latest, and therefore, to many, it is the greatest. Based upon a test build >>

Android 2.2 ported to the iPhone 3G

We’ve already seen Android 1.6 ported over to the iPhone 3G, but now Android fans with questionable tastes in hardware can load up Android 2.2 on the hottest device circa 2008. In its >>

HTC Scorpion now rumored to be Verizon bound

Do you remember back in February how we reported that the HTC Scorpion, an Android 2.2 device powered by a 1.5GHz, was headed for Sprint on accounts of of its WiMAX radio? Well >>

Dell Streak gets official in the UK

As if resident of the UK didn’t already have a line-up of handsets to chose from that would make even the most reserved American green with envy, today Dell announced that it and >>

HTC Vision rumored to be a Desire with QWERTY keypad

Here’s a great rumor to think about as we head into the weekend. Tweakers is reporting that the HTC Vision, a rumored Android smartphone we first learned about from Engadget, is in fact >>