Steve Jobs on wireless, driverless printing

November 23rd at 1:39 PM

Steve Jobs on wireless, driverless printing

Haven’t got your Steve Jobs email fix for the day yet? Good, because another one is making the rounds and this time it’s about Apple’s AirPrint feature. If you have been keeping up on the saga, Apple announced AirPrint with support for some select HP printers, but it also indicated you’d be able to print to any shared printer on your local Wi-Fi network. At iOS 4.2 launch, however, only the HP models are officially supported (and enabled). Here is a reported email to Steve Jobs on the issue and the response:

Dear Steve,

You got me all hype about AirPrint. Now with iOS 4.2 released, I find out that I can only print on 11 select printers. Seriously?!

And, Steve Jobs’ alleged reply:

Lots more coming soon. It’s what it takes to make a giant leap to driverless printing, which is huge.

There are unofficial ways to re-enable support for shared printer printing on Mac OS X 10.6.5 and your iOS devices, but for the purists out there, maybe word of this feature slowly being reintroduced in a “huge” way will give you peace of mind. More →


MacBook Air bugs addressed by OS X 10.6.5

November 19th at 1:51 PM

MacBook Air bugs addressed by OS X 10.6.5

Earlier this month, BGR exclusively confirmed that Apple was working on fixes for a string of troublesome MacBook Air bugs. The issues were widespread, and they involved a variety of problems with display flickering, fading and discoloration when affected notebooks woke from sleep. Internal documents revealed by BGR suggested that the problems would be addressed by an upcoming software update and as expected, OS X 10.6.5 appears to have resolved the bugs described in those documents. Apple also issued a new support document on the matter. While Apple’s description of the issues does not appear to encompass all of the problems reported earlier this month, we have confirmed with several affected users that these bugs no longer occur on their devices. More →


Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6.5

November 10th at 4:27 PM

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6.5

Moments ago, Apple released its Mac OS X 10.6.5 update to its customer-base. Fixes in the point-upgrade include:

• improve reliability with Microsoft Exchange servers
• address performance of some image-processing operations in iPhoto and Aperture
• address stability and performance of graphics applications and games
• resolve a delay between print jobs
• address a printing issue for some HP printers connected to an AirPort Extreme
• resolve an issue when dragging contacts from Address Book to iCal
• address an issue where dragging an item from a stack causes the Dock to not automatically hide
• resolve an issue with Wikipedia information not displaying correctly in Dictionary
• improve performance of MainStage on certain Mac systems
• resolve spacing issues with OpenType fonts
• improve reliability with some Bluetooth braille displays
• resolve a VoiceOver issue when browsing some web sites with Safari 5

The OS update is — purportedly — the first step in a three-stage software rollout due this week from Apple; iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2 are also supposed be released. Hit the “Software Update” section in OS X to get the new goodies. Enjoy.