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Yes, the iPhone 8 is probably delayed. So what?

Rumors that inevitably swirl ahead of each new iPhone launch. Among them, there are always rumblings of supply shortages at launch, and some reports inevitably state that the new iPhone’s release may even >>

Is Facebook making a modular smartphone?

Modular smartphones sound great on paper. They’re devices that would significantly outlive traditional handsets, as the user would be able to upgrade the hardware by simply swapping the old parts with newer one. >>

Apple is still researching advanced battery designs for EVs

Amid speculation that Apple was intent on designing and manufacturing its own branded car, word surfaced last September that Apple was completely “rethinking” its strategy in the automotive space. What followed after that >>

This brilliant gadget lets Alexa feed your dog or cat

Is there anything Alexa can’t do at this point? Amazon’s awesome virtual personal assistant can do everything from setting the temperature in your house to watering your lawn, and now there’s another awesome >>