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Samsung Galaxy S4 review

What company is rolling out an iterative update to its best-selling smartphone in the world? One that builds upon the success of the previous model, yet for the most part retains the same shape, design >>

HTC One review: The smartphone that changes everything

With smartphones, as with any category of consumer electronics, we have no choice but to accept compromises. This has been the case throughout the history of cell phones and it continues to hold >>

HTC One Review

The HTC One (2498) smartphone comes at an important time. As good, thoughtful and purposeful as HTC’s products are, the company hasn’t been doing as well as it used to. Samsung’s (005930) been >>

HTC One SV review

One after another, HTC (2498) churns out positively gorgeous smartphones that make most rival Android handsets look like cheap toys. Stunning though the company’s work may be, HTC continues to struggle. After ending >>

Google Nexus 4 review

Almost like clockwork, every year around this time, Google (GOOG) introduces a new version of the company’s flagship smartphone, the Nexus. This year, we have the Nexus 4 manufactured by LG (066570) instead >>

Apple iPad mini review

Does the world need a newer, smaller iPad that’s practically the same price as the existing iPad 2? I mean, looking at it on paper, the iPad mini uses the same hardware as >>