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BlackBerry Z10 review

BlackBerry is back! Or is it? With a brand new operating system, brand new hardware, and a restructured company with some new people, Research In Motion (RIMM) has done everything possible to make >>

HTC One SV review

One after another, HTC (2498) churns out positively gorgeous smartphones that make most rival Android handsets look like cheap toys. Stunning though the company’s work may be, HTC continues to struggle. After ending >>

Apple iPad mini review

Does the world need a newer, smaller iPad that’s practically the same price as the existing iPad 2? I mean, looking at it on paper, the iPad mini uses the same hardware as >>

Samsung Galaxy Note II review

Almost exactly eight months ago, I reviewed Samsung’s Galaxy Note “phablet” and called it the smartphone that “Samsunged” Samsung (005930). I very much enjoyed certain aspects of Samsung’s debut tablet-smartphone hybrid and I >>

Microsoft Surface review: A tale of two tablets

Some time ago, top executives at Microsoft (MSFT) realized the company needed to make some major strategic changes to adapt in a marketplace that was in the early days of a huge shift. >>

How to add a $300 million feature to any smartphone

HTC’s $300 million investment in Beats Electronics last summer was one of the more questionable moves the struggling vendor has made in recent history. News of the deal came in August 2011, and HTC >>

Huawei Ascend P1 review

Huawei isn’t a well known brand when it comes to the U.S. smartphone market. The Chinese manufacturer is looking to change that, however, and plans to push forward with more advertising in the >>