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A month with the iPhone 5s

Apple’s iPhone 5s represents the biggest “S” upgrade an iPhone has ever seen. The guts of the phone have been completely overhauled, just as BGR exclusively reported they would be back in May. Beyond >>

Samsung Galaxy Gear review

Top smartphone makers have a bit of a problem. They got so good at selling smartphones that there aren’t enough people left to buy them at the amazing pace the market has enjoyed >>

Motorola Moto X review

The Moto X is a big bet for Google and Motorola. It’s a phone that wouldn’t have existed if Google had not paid $12.5 billion for Motorola over a year and a half >>

Nokia Lumia 1020 review

Reviewing Nokia phones hasn’t been easy over the past two years. It’s not that the company’s phones were bad or overly complex in some way, it’s just that we have been hoping for >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

What company is rolling out an iterative update to its best-selling smartphone in the world? One that builds upon the success of the previous model, yet for the most part retains the same shape, design >>

BlackBerry Q10 review

BlackBerry’s famous hardware keyboard is finally becoming available on the company’s latest operating system called BlackBerry 10 in the coming days, and the company’s new phone is called the BlackBerry Q10. Meshing up >>

BlackBerry Z10 review

BlackBerry is back! Or is it? With a brand new operating system, brand new hardware, and a restructured company with some new people, Research In Motion (RIMM) has done everything possible to make >>

HTC One SV review

One after another, HTC (2498) churns out positively gorgeous smartphones that make most rival Android handsets look like cheap toys. Stunning though the company’s work may be, HTC continues to struggle. After ending >>