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Pixie review: Finding stuff is now a game

Even before Pokemon Go became one of the most popular smartphone apps of all time, it was clear that augmented reality is going to become a pretty big deal. It’s still just getting started >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review

While nothing is official until Apple makes it so, there’s little doubt in most industry watchers’ minds that we know practically everything there is to know about the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. It’s >>

Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid review

Though the smartphone market was nearly as massive a few short years ago as it is today, it was a terrible business to be in unless your company’s name was Apple or Samsung. >>

OnePlus 2 review: There can be only one

Call them Android fanboys, enthusiasts, geeks or whatever else you want, but the fact remains: avid Android fans tend to have great taste in smartphones. They don’t want to deal with cumbersome user >>

Samsung Galaxy S6 review

I have been pretty hard on Samsung over the past few years, but let’s be honest: the company deserved it. Time and time again, we’ve seen Samsung launch fantastic flagship smartphones that are class >>