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Motorola Droid / Sholes / Tao launching October 30th?

Sorry, but we couldn’t help posting this… We’ve received a screenshot of a Verizon Wireless calendar that shows in addition to marketing and merchandising dates, a Motorola Sholes target date of October 30th. >>

Palm Pixi launching on October 20th?

We just got word that Palm’s second webOS device, the Pixi, is set to launch on October 20th. This includes Sprint corporate stores as well as Best Buy locations presumably. This intel is >>

Motorola CLIQ Preview

Motorola. Regardless of your brand loyalty, the aforementioned company changed the mobile landscape. Twice. First with the legendary StarTac and once again with the Motorola RAZR. Unfortunately, the RAZR by itself wasn’t enough >>

Qualcomm’s FLO PTV device in the flesh

One of our oh-so-trusty ninjas hit us up last night with the above photo. It’s the much-rumored Qualcomm FLO TV personal TV unit. While Qualcomm is mostly known for making processors for mobile >>