Native Instruments Review Worst Company

The Boy Genius Report: Native Instruments is the worst software company in the world

June 6th at 2:55 PM

The Boy Genius Report: Native Instruments is the worst software company in the world

It’s shocking that there are still companies that exist in today’s world that are off-the-rocker stupid. With social media giving companies the ability to broadcast a message far and wide, there are so many brands that are so forward thinking — the ones that get it, and understand it — and then there’s Native Instruments, with the most pathetic excuse for customer service and management I have ever seen. Let me take you on a journey of pain and mental anguish. Walk with me, my friends. More →

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Motorola Opus One specifications

December 21st at 11:48 AM

Motorola Opus One specifications


When we say we have specifications, boy, do we mean it. One of our connects has sent us the full rundown on Motorla’s Opus One (their first iDEN Android handset) that we revealed a little while back. The features on the device are actually pretty reasonable, and we’d imagine it to sell for a reasonable attractive price-point at release. The Motorola Opus One will run Android 1.5 with iDEN service enhancements, make use of a “Zeus” CPU, and will feature a 3 megapixel autofocus camera.

Detailed list of full specs after the breakage! More →


Don't want to wait for the Motorola DROID OTA?

December 8th at 11:51 PM

Don't want to wait for the Motorola DROID OTA?


Well, you don’t have to. We’ve tested this out ourselves, and here are the instructions if you’d like to venture into the wild and try and install the update manually.

  • Download this file
  • Rename the file to and place it in the root directory of your microSD card
  • Power off the phone
  • Power on the phone while holding the ‘X’ key on the physical keyboard to enter recovery mode
  • When you see the triangle with the exclamation point, press the volume up key and camera button key (only press the camera key down half way)
  • Navigate to “apply” and press the gold center button on the keyboard to select it. It will start the update process
  • Reboot the phone after it’s finished.

That’s it! Let us know how it works out, and please don’t try it if you’re not comfortable.

Thanks, David!

Grab this file …
Rename the file to and place it the root directory of your SD Card .
Power off the phone.
Power on the phone, while holding the ‘X’ on the physical keyboard.
When you see the triangle and !, press Volume Up + Camera button.
Navigate to “apply” and press the gold button (center) on the D-Pad. Now it will install.
Reboot phone (should take 3-4 minutes).

What happened to being cool?

December 7th at 2:17 PM

What happened to being cool?


Avril Lavigne. Luke Wilson. Whoopi Goldberg. Those three names don’t exactly jump out and immediately connect with us when we see them. And isn’t that the point of advertising? The point of branding? To connect to something, identify with it, and relate to it. Sure jazzy music and clean visuals (or dark, ominous tones with scary eyes) will help liven up your advertisement, but if you’re bringing a celebrity in to help, why don’t you make sure the celebrity is someone that people actually care about? I don’t mean to knock on Luke or Whoopi as I’m a fan of both (Canada can have Sk8ter chick), but while they might be intended to reach a certain demographic, in actuality they don’t help, they hurt. People pass it off as something they don’t care about. There’s no instant reaction or memorable moment that people will immediately remember or associate with any of those commercials. More →


Apple's iDVD getting refreshed with iTunes LP creation support?

December 1st at 9:27 AM

Apple's iDVD getting refreshed with iTunes LP creation support?


That’s what one of our connects are telling us. We’ve been informed that Apple plans to completely redo their iDVD application (in addition to others in iLife 2010), and besides iDVD not being refreshed in a pretty long time, one of the reasons appears to be the inclusion of iTunes LP creation. This will allow artists (indie and major) to create a custom iTunes LP and submit it directly to Apple right from the new application that will be a part of iLife 2010. This is unconfirmed at the moment, but our connect has been pretty accurate in the past and we thought you’d enjoy this little bit of information

Thanks, L.!

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Colorware now offering BlackBerry 9700 option, ours gets done early

November 29th at 1:01 PM

Colorware now offering BlackBerry 9700 option, ours gets done early


Who said the weekend has to be uneventful? Colorware went live recently with their BlackBerry 9700 colorizing service, and if you’ve been contemplating a lime green handset, there’s no better device to get colored up than the Bold 9700. We were lucky enough to get two of our units done earlier this week and we have a couple shots of one of them for you. As always with Colorware, you can buy a new device from them which will ship already customized, or you can send in an existing phone and let them do their magic.

More →


Apple's Black Friday brochure leaked? One more time…

November 23rd at 10:34 AM

Apple's Black Friday brochure leaked? One more time…


We weren’t too positive about that last one as it was from a new source, but this new image comes from a pretty credible connect of ours and it seems to be more reasonable. Here’s what we’ve got for you this time:

iMacs starting at $1098, iPod nanos starting at $138, iPod touch starting at $178, MacBook Pros starting at $1098, Apple TVs starting at $208, Airport Express starting at $88, Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard going for $64 each, and a whole lot more! Again, we’re feeling pretty confident about this one and everything looks like it’s in the realm of what Apple would normally do for Black Friday.

P.S. Also note that the Black Friday deals are only on Apple’s Online store, not retail stores.

Thanks, Lindsey!


AT&T BlackBerry 9700 unboxing

November 17th at 1:31 PM

AT&T BlackBerry 9700 unboxing


While it is set to go on sale November 22nd, business customers on AT&T have been able to order the 9700 starting yesterday morning. If you got in early enough, there’s a good chance your unit shipped out the same day just as ours did. Here’s a quick unboxing for anyone desperately waiting for their BlackBerry 9700s to arrive, and you can always re-read our BlackBerry 9700 review in case you really want to tear your hair out. Also, if anyone else picked up an AT&T unit, or even a T-Mobile unit for that matter, we salute you, friends. BlackBerry fiends need to stick together…

P.S. We’ve been told most AT&T store locations actually have BlackBerry 9700s in stock as of now, but they’re not supposed to sell them until the 22nd.

Click on over to our AT&T BlackBerry 9700 unboxing gallery!


Palm Pixi gets unboxed before its release

November 11th at 6:13 PM

Palm Pixi gets unboxed before its release


Oh, you don’t remember? Well we’re back at it again, this time with one of our connects doing the unboxing ritual for us. There’s not all that much exciting to report, you know, with the handset shipping with a USB cable, charging adapter, instruction manual and battery. But hey, an unboxing is an unboxing damn it, and we’ve got the goods. We promised ourselves we weren’t going to take any shots but, with the Palm Pre going for $99 in Canada and the awesome HTC DROID Eris selling for $99 on Verizon, is anyone really going to spring for a $99-priced Palm Pixi? Only time will tell.

Thanks, Ninja J! More →


Picture of the HTC Passion / Dragon's screen?

November 10th at 10:03 AM

Picture of the HTC Passion / Dragon's screen?


Pardon us while we think out loud, but that high resolution screen with an HTC Sense UI-looking clock/weather widget looks like Android to us. We’ve also confirmed that this photo was taken of a Verizon handset, and with all signs pointing to an impending release, we’re just going to venture out on a limb and say that we believe this photo is of HTC’s next Android device for Verizon Wireless. In case you forgot, the rumored device we’re talking about is supposedly one bad ass piece of telephonery — 5 megapixel camera, Android 2.0, and much, much more. One of connects said this thing could be out as early as Black Friday, and while it seems a little far fetched, we’re slowly coming around to the possibility.

UPDATE: Actually, I meant to write mid-December. Our previous scoop said either the Curve2 or Dragon would come out around Black Friday, and we know that the Curve2 is being released on November 20th.


HTC DROID Eris gets unboxed

November 4th at 1:07 PM

HTC DROID Eris gets unboxed


One of our connects just blessed us with a couple shots of the HTC DROID Eris and graciously unboxed the retail packaging. We could bore you with meaningless details about how the phone is thinner and lighter than the Sprint HTC Hero, feels much better in the hand, and is generally the best Android device besides the Motorola DROID our connect has used, but we’ll stop there. Enjoy the photos!

Thanks, Jon!

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