The Internet is a miraculous, miraculous creation. If you need any further evidence of this fact, then you need to check out the incredible new search engine called Frinkiac that can match up every quote from The Simpsons with its corresponding still frames. This means every “D’oh!” “Aye carumba!” “Okely-dokely!” and “Exccccelllent!” has been cataloged and matched up with its corresponding image from the episode where it aired.

We truly live in a time of wonders.

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If you were a hardcore Simpsons fan like I was in the ’90s, you’ll definitely recognize some of these classics. For instance…




…not to mention…


…and of course…



My favorite quotes, however, come from the Comic Book Guy:






Want to find your own all-time favorite Simpsons moment? Then you know what to do: Enter the quote into Frinkiac and be amazed at what it retrieves.

Warning: This is highly addictive and may make you waste hours of time.

Also, I just remembered this gem:


OK, I need to stop myself before I get fired for not doing any useful work. But if you’ve got time to spare, I can’t recommend playing around with this search engine enough.

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