Siri is one of Apple’s crown jewels. The intelligent virtual assistant was introduced in 2011 alongside the iPhone 4S and the software has seen tremendous improvements since then. Siri has also seen its functionality expand exponentially, which is obviously a good thing — but it also means there are so many features packed in that there’s no way we can remember them all.

Luckily, there is now a ridiculously comprehensive guide to help us out.

The Apple experts over at iMore are known for creating extensive guides, but iMore’s Allyson Kazmucha has truly outdone herself with her recently published guide to Siri. This “ultimate guide” includes 61 different sections and regardless of your level of Siri knowledge, we guarantee that you will learn new things from this guide.

Want to know how to find your way home or check to see what time the sun will rise in the morning? This guide has you covered. How about controlling music playback and watching movie trailers using Siri? No problem at all.

iMore’s ultimate guide to Siri is linked below in our source section.