The ultimate list of Mac shortcuts for all your favorite Internet services

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet

Mac users looking to get around faster while dealing with various popular online services and apps including Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Pocket, Feedly, Google+, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, Spotify, Soundcloud and Tumbler should check out BufferApp’s extensive list of keyboard shortcuts for OS X devices, which offers users more than 111 shortcuts for these online tools.

Additionally, the publication has also listed a few handy Mac, Windows and iPhone keyboard shortcuts that can improve the overall workflow and experience on those devices.

Furthermore, the publication has also published a short infographic that serves as a quick cheat sheet featuring some of “the best keyboard shortcuts” – see the image below – although it does not contain all the keyboard shortcuts BufferApp has discovered.

For a detailed look on all the Mac keyboard shortcuts listed by the publication, head on to BufferApp by hitting the link in the source section below.


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