Paid apps gone free: Beautiful and novel iPhone photo editor Since is now free

Since Free Download

Falling squarely into the “Why didn’t I think of that?!” category, Since is a gorgeous and unique photo editor for the iPhone that is now available for free for a limited time. This isn’t just another typical photo editor that tosses in a bunch of overused filters and sends the user on his or her way. Instead, Since is a novel app that serves a single awesome function.

Basically, since gives the user various unique ways to combine multiple photos of the same subject into one image. The result is a single photo that shows a scene changing over time.

From the app’s description:

Since makes time flow into one photo or video.
Series of photos can be combined in various styles.

#1. Photo
- Set as guide image.
- Toggle active/inactive state. (Inactive photos will not be used in a result photo/video)
- Save to camera roll
- Delete a photo
- Swipe left/right to change order of a photo.

#2. Camera
- Five types of guide image mode will help you take exact photos you expect.
- Guide lines can be customizable by dragging
- Timer Shutter
- Camera options are saved for each ‘Since’ so you don’t need to set every time.

#3. Combined Photo
- Size and location of each photo can be edited. (Editing is restricted when the number of photos are over editing limit)
- Swipe up/down or left/right will reverse combine order.
- Drag up or down to adjust video play speed.
- Watermark can be removed from Settings.

#4. Save and Share
- Combined photo can be shared via email, message, SNS or edited with other applications supports on your device.
- Combined photo size can be chosen from small, medium or large size. A video will be saved with 640×640 resolution.

Since is typically a $0.99 download, but it’s available for free in the App Store for a limited time.

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