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There are thousands of paid photo editing apps in the iOS App Store and to be frank, most of them would probably be overpriced even if they were free. A select few apps are worth every penny though, and missing the opportunity to snag them when they’re briefly made available for free is a crime against your iPhone.

Such is the case with AFilter.

Released just last week by app developer MAKE A, AFliter isn’t just another photo filter app for the iPhone. It’s a full-featured photo editor with a stunning user interface and all the controls you need. It’s also a photo filter app with well over 100 different adjustable filters.

From the app’s description:

A Style Filters:

– 14 G-Filter, 27 O-Filter, 18 S-Filter

C Style Filters:
– 9 C-Filter, 9 R-Filter, 9 S-Filter, 9 T-Filter

R Style Filters:
– 9 C-Filter, 9 CN-Filter, 9 D-Filter, 9 E-Filter, 9 F-Filter, 7 P-Filter, 9 R-Filter, 9 S-Filter, 9 SP-Filter

V Style Filters:
– 6 A-Filter, 6 B-Filter, 3 C-Filter, 3 F-Filter, 3 G-Filter, 6 H-Filter, 3 K-Filter, 2 LV-Filter, 6 M-Filter, 3 N-Filter, 9 P-Filter, 5 S-Filter, 3 SE-Filter, 3 T-Filter, 6 X-Filter
– Contrast & Exposure
– Hue & Saturation & Bright
– Highlight & Shadow
– Blur & Vignette & Fade

– 18 Dust
– 18 Light Leak
– 18 Gradient
– 18 Lens Flare

AFilter is normally $1.99 but it’s free for a limited time, and you can download it by following the App Store link below in our source section.

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