Meet the guy that hung up on Steve Jobs not once, but twice

Steve Jobs Phone Call

The stories we hear about Steve Jobs, much like the stories we hear about any public figure, often paint him in broad strokes — as a tough businessman, a nonconformist, a short-fused inidividual — but one Quora thread that has been floating around for years asks the denizens of the Internet to recount the smaller moments with the (in)famous Apple co-founder.

Dave Mark over at The Loop recently rediscovered the thread to find an amusing story from 2006 about one man who wouldn’t stop hanging up on Jobs. A snippet from the tale:

One day, the phone rings and the voice on the other line says “Hi. This is Steve Jobs calling for [agent].”

My friend: “Yeah right, pal. Good try.” And hangs up.

The phone rings again.

Voice: “Hi. It’s really Steve. Can I please talk to [agent]? I have an important matter to discuss.”

My friend: “Seriously, dude. Don’t call back again.” Click.

It’s worth checking out the whole story, so head over to the post on Quora and give it a read.

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