Would you wear Google Glass if it looked more fashionable? Get ready for Icis

Laforge Icis

Last May, we published an opinion piece that suggested Google Glass as we know it right now is no iPad, and it will almost certainly not become a mass-market success. What it might do, however, is launch a bold new category and eventually lead to better, less conspicuous designs that actually have a chance of proliferating.

Meet Laforge and its connected eyewear dubbed “Icis.”

As noted by ZDNet, Laforge is a new company looking to raise money for its Icis eyewear, a Google Glass competitor that will be as fashionable as it is functional. Or rather, it might be as fashionable as it is functional; Laforge is crowdfunding the project and is looking to raise $80,000. As of the time of this writing, the company’s Indigogo campaign had raised just over $10,500.

The video below shows Laforge’s vision for Icis, which would be integrated into a variety of fashionable specs and would provide transparent displays in the lenses for a more engrossing (and distracting, perhaps — user experience.

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