Legere sends AT&T a very special valentine

T-Mobile Breakup Letter Campaign

No two companies love one another more right now than AT&T and T-Mobile, which is why T-Mobile CEO John Legere has taken the extra step this year to send AT&T a Valentine’s Day greeting of his own. On his Twitter feed, Legere posted a picture of a couple passionately kissing along with the tagline “Let’s kiss and break up… with AT&T.” Legere’s latest attempt at starting a meme ties into T-Mobile’s “breakup letter” campaign where customers who switch to T-Mobile can send readymade breakup letters informing their old carriers they’ve been dumped. T-Mobile, which added a very impressive 869,000 postpaid subscribers last quarter, said last month that more than 80,000 switchers have¬†sent breakup letters to their old carriers and we imagine that number has grown quite a bit since then. Legere’s valentine to AT&T follows below.


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