Here’s how Samsung plans to make upcoming Galaxy phones even better

Galaxy S5 Waterproof

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active wasn’t terribly popular compared to other versions of the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, having accounted for just 4% of total Galaxy S4 sales according to a recent report. But Samsung seemingly still thinks waterproofing and dust-proofing are important features that will draw more customers to its phones moving forward. A recent report stated that Samsung is working on an “Active” version of its upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone that will be both water-resistant and dust-resistant, and now new claims suggest Samsung will make these features commonplace on its high-end smartphones moving forward.

According to a report from G 4 Games, Samsung is in the process of shifting to a new type of antenna technology — in-mold antennas, or IMA — in some devices. The move is thought to be tied to the company’s efforts to make upcoming smartphones water- and dust-resistant; Samsung has historically used LDS antennas, which are fused to the back plate of a phone.

The report suggests that IMA technology will be featured on the Galaxy S5 Active in order to facilitate a thinner design while still keeping the phone water-resistant, and the tech will also likely pop up on future high-end Samsung phones that feature more rugged builds.

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