Here’s what people are expecting from Apple’s iPhone event today

Apple iPhone Event Expectations

We’re not likely to get many surprises from Apple’s big iPhone event, mostly because we’ve gotten an endless stream of leaks detailing both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. A new online survey from Polar bears this out: 70% of users surveyed think the new iPhone will have a fingerprint scanner, 54% think Apple will show off a gold iPhone model and 87% think the new iPhone will be almost the exact same design as the iPhone 5. Polar’s survey doesn’t completely demonstrate the wisdom of crowds, however, as 53% think that Apple will show off new iPads even though the company likely won’t release new tablets until later in the fall. 50% also think there will be a new version of Apple TV while only 36% think there will be a new version of the iPod Touch revealed at the event.

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