LG already announced its new hero phone for the second half of 2013 when it unveiled the G2 in early August. The upcoming new flagship handset features cutting-edge specs and a unique design, though many wondered if it has any stand-out features that might draw attention away from market leaders like Samsung and Apple. That question will soon be answered as the G2 launch approaches, but now a new question emerges: can LG compete in the tablet space?

The vendor’s last Android tablet didn’t get much traction, however LG is now teasing a new G Pad 8.3 slate that will likely be unveiled next week at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany. While the company’s teaser video tries to pose a number of questions that leave the viewer hanging, most of them may already have answers as a recent leak has seemingly revealed the device’s specs as well as an image of the tablet.

Korean-language Move Player last week published a supposed image of LG’s new G Pad 8.3 alongside specs that, if accurate, reveal what appears to be a decent mid-size tablet offering. According to the report, specs include a Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, optional 4G LTE, Android Jelly Bean and an 8.3-inch display with better-than-full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels.

The report notes that a Wi-Fi-only version will debut at IFA and an LTE-compatible model will follow sometime in October.

The leaked image follows below along with LG’s teaser video.