Xbox One to reportedly launch November 29th, beating PlayStation 4’s December 13th debut

Xbox One Release Date

Now that Microsoft has done away with the controversial new policies it announced during the Xbox One’s unveiling, gamers are coming around and anticipation is mounting. Pre-sales of the console have been “through the roof” according to Microsoft, and some expect Xbox One sales to crush sales of Sony’s rival PlayStation 4 console. Now, if a new leak ends up panning out, the Xbox One will have another big advantage over the PS4: Two full weeks of sales before the PlayStation 4 launches this winter.

According to the Xbox One preorder page on Toys R Us’ UK website, Microsoft’s new video game console is set to launch on November 29th. The same site states on the PlayStation 4 preorder page that Sony’s next-generation console will be available for sale beginning two weeks later on December 13th. While neither date is confirmed at this point, their presence on a website belonging to one of Microsoft and Sony’s retail partners could be a good sign.

Screenshots showing the leaked launch dates from the Toys R Us website follow below.



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