The message from Samsung’s newest video for the Galaxy S4 seems to be a variation of an old Nancy Sinatra tune: That is, “This Phone is Made for Stalking.” A five-minute music video for the Galaxy S4 shows a lovestruck man following a woman around with his new Samsung smartphone and secretly filming her while she’s sitting in class and in the library. The man then longingly watches the videos he’s filmed of her while applying photo effects to her images using the Galaxy S4’s new camera software.

The man eventually does work up the nerve to talk with the woman at a party and they apparently hit it off and start dating. Of course, we don’t know if she ever finds out about his secret video collection of her every move but we can safely say that she should be very careful about breaking up with him lest she wants to find herself trapped in a basement being told to put lotion on her skin to avoid getting sprayed with a hose.

The full video is posted below.