The smugness of Apple fans, the delusions of BlackBerry fans, and other Google autofill revelations

Google Autofill iPhone BlackBerry

What lies in the collective unconscious of the entire global smartphone consumer base? Google (GOOG) knows the most common questions people ponder in their private moments. Google sees our souls. And when you start typing a question in a Google search box, you see a fleeting glimpse of the collective mind. It’s rarely a pretty sight.

It’s all there — the smugness of Apple (AAPL) fans, the desperation of HTC (2498) fans, the delusions of BlackBerry fans, the weirdness of Nokia (NOK) fans… the whole gamut of human emotion.

The three most common phrases suggested by Google for partially written search phrases:

Why is iPhone 
…5 better
…5 sold out
…5 taking so long

Why is HTC 
…suing Apple
…Sensation so slow

Why is Samsung 
…suing Apple
…suing stock so high
…better than Apple

Why is Motorola
…suing Apple
…suing Microsoft
…Droid slow

Why is Blackberry
…more secure
…better than iPhone

Why is Nokia
…a meme
…so strong
…stock so low

Why is Sony Ericsson
No autofill suggestions

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