iOS 6 Feature List

IOS 6 has been a mixed bag for Apple (AAPL) so far. Overall, the new software offers some great refinements compared to earlier releases, but a few pain points have soured consumers’ response. The most notable among them, of course, is Apple’s awful new Maps app. But there’s still plenty to like about Apple’s new mobile software, and beyond the big things that Apple pointed out while introducing iOS 6 over the summer, there are also tons of little refinements worth looking at. Super Good Network contributor Chad Williams compiled an extensive list of lesser known iOS 6 features including Notification Center enhancements, iCloud enhancements and some interesting cosmetic tweaks users may have missed. The full list can be found on Williams’s blog.

UPDATE: In addition to Williams’s list, MacStories has compiled a great list of more than 60 iOS 6 tips, tricks and features.

[Via The Loop]