iOS Android App Loyalty Study

Good news has come to light for app developers: according to a recent study from Localytics, app retention rates are improving, increasing 19% over the last year. The analytics firm notes that iPhone and iPad app publishers are achieving the greatest success, with retention rates 52% higher than those on Android. The number of users who used an app just once dropped over 15% since the firm’s last study, and those who used an app more than 10 times increased from 26% to 31%. The firm also found that the average Android app suffers from a higher one-time usage rate of 24%, compared to just 21% for iPhone and iPad apps. “Improvements in both platforms suggests that many app publishers are simply building better apps, whether the app targets the mass market or a niche market,” the company noted. “The general public surely gained experience over the last year too, and are likely making more informed, discerning choices about what apps to try.”


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