Chitika: iOS 5 accounted for over 20% of iOS traffic within five days of launch

Apple released the latest version of its iOS platform to the public last week on October 12th and within five days, the platform accounted for more than 20% of all iOS traffic on Chitika’s ad network. Chitika Insights, the network’s research arm, this week revealed the results of a seven-day study that monitored iOS 5 web traffic. On October 11th, the day before iOS 5 became available to the public, the new build was barely a blip on the radar. IOS 5 accounted for 10% of the impressions served to Apple’s mobile devices on the 14th and by the end of the day on October 17th, it claimed more than 20% of iOS impressions. “The sudden surge in iOS 5 adoption is likely due to the fact that that a large portion of Apple consumers fall under the category of “early adopter’, ” Chitika’s Ryan Cavanagh wrote on the company’s blog. Cavanagh also noted that iOS 4 is currently still the predominant version of the platform on its network, but he expects that to change soon.


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