No 64GB iPad 2 models in AT&T stores today; no iPad 2 at all in some Verizon stores?

We’ve just heard that AT&T retail stores won’t be selling the beefiest iPad 2 model today. Apparently, AT&T stores have received 16GB and 32GB iPad 2 models in black and white, but the highest capacity version is noticeably absent. Perhaps this is due to a supply issue or just the fact that Apple and AT&T have forecast that the majority of consumers will purchase 16GB and 32GB iPads, but it’s a tad bit interesting. We have reached out to AT&T for comment and will update this post accordingly. As for Verizon Wireless stores, we recommend customers call ahead of time to check if their local store will be carrying the iPad 2 at all today. We’ve been told not all Verizon locations will have them in stock but they can all place orders on site. The Verizon Wireless locations that will carry the iPad 2 today should be receiving the 64GB model, we’ve been told.

UPDATE: We have confirmed AT&T stores do not have 64GB models for sale later today, and we have confirmed that Verizon stores that are selling the iPad 2 do have 64GB models. Additionally, our local Apple store does not have Verizon iPad 2 units for sale. Very interesting…

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