Forget the white iPhone 4; say hello to the (mostly) white Nexus S

Despite the fact that Apple’s white iPhone 4 is creeping ever closer to becoming a reality, some people have long since given up on the gadget. We don’t blame them either, what with a new iPhone set to be unveiled this summer. Those of you with white smartphone lust still have other options to consider, of course, and one of them will apparently soon be the Nexus S. According to enthusiast blog BestBoyZ, the mostly white version of the Nexus S pictured above will soon become available in the blog’s home market of Germany. While the site’s tipster had nothing to say about regions outside Germany, it’s a pretty safe bet that Google doesn’t intend to restrict its white Nexus S to just one country. So, if you’ve been pondering a Nexus S purchase but can’t seem to pull the trigger due to its dark complexion, your prayers will soon be answered — or at least half answered. We can’t say we’re fans of the two-tone black front/white back combo, but you know what they say about opinions…


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