It isn’t all that often we get to report on mobile technology news broken by magazine Rolling Stone, which makes this news even more special. In a print ad touting HTC’s portfolio of 4G handsets, some of the usual suspects are depicted. Obviously, Sprint’s EVO 4G makes a cameo, T-Mobile’s G2 is depicted, and Verizon’s unannounced-but-well-documented Thunderbolt is sitting front and center. But one carrier is missing from our above list. AT&T. Slinking around the background is AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G, which looks an awful lot like the European Desire HD — the same handset that was just spotted at the FCC with North American 3G bands. We know AT&T is working on an LTE network, but this handset appearance really is a shocker. Hopefully HTC and AT&T will show the Inspire a little love at this week’s CES conference. Any AT&T Android fanatics excited?!