In a note to investors this week, Wedge Partners’ Principal and Equity Analyst Brian Blair had some strong words for iPad rivals’ retail performance over the holidays. Seemingly not one to mince words, Blair said that consumers had little or no interest in tablets other than the iPad this holiday season, calling the iPad’s competition underpowered junk. While Samsung Galaxy Tab sales have been quite strong thus far, Blair’s retail checks didn’t turn up much demand for the Tab or other Android tablets.

Even with a handful of tablet competitors hitting the market, the iPad remained the only game in town in our holiday checks largely because many of the tablets hitting the market are junk for lack of a better word. They are underpowered, poorly constructed and largely not ready for prime time.

Blair also noted that demand for Apple’s MacBook Air, iMac and MacBook Pro lines was stronger than expected this holiday season, which could lead to another huge quarter.