A new trademark filing uncovered Tuesday suggests that the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone may launch as the “Xperia Play.” One of the earliest sources of information surrounding the still-unannounced smartphone suggested that the device would launch with Xperia branding, and this is the first indication that the rumor could be true. The news is anything but confirmed, however. Here’s what we know: Sony Ericsson has applied for a European trademark for “Xperia Play,” along with other trademarks such as “Xperia Duo,” “Xperia Arc” and “Xperia Neo.” One of the company’s PR firms has also registered http://www.xperiaplay.com and several other related domain names. So, it’s a safe bet that Sony Ericsson has something in store for the moniker and while its first PlayStation-equipped Android phone is the obvious assumption, nothing is confirmed at this point. Hit the break for two videos of the upcoming device in action.