Clear's iSpot is a 4G mobile hotspot that only works on Apple iDevices

So… we’re not sure why Clear decided to make a hotspot that only works with Apple iDevices — or as they put it, “was built and optimized by CLEAR for Apple mobile devices” — but they have. The iSpot is a shiny, white, iDevice exclusive, 4G mobile hotspot that can be purchased directly from Clear for $29 (limited-time offer). The mobile router will provide your iThings with 4G speeds on Clearwire’s 4G WiMax network for the very attractive price of $25 per month.  The device, as advertised, will allow you to “connect up to eight of your favorite Wi-Fi-enabled Apple mobile devices” while on the go. The device does use standard Wi-Fi, but it employs MAC address filtering to only allowing iDevices (iPods, iPad, iPhones) to connect; which is probably why the monthly price is only $25. It looks like the iSpot will match your new white iPhone 4 perfectly… oh, wait…


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