Sony may try to hide behind its shell company, Sand Dollar Enterprise, but those game savvy FCC equipment authorization miners know better. Spotted at the FCC and receiving approval for its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth frequencies are two new models of the Sony PS3 Slim, identified only by the designation CECH-2101A and CECH-2102B. The two models can be differentiated by their HDD type and, from what we can glean from the FCC documentation, are otherwise the same as the current PS3 Slim that you can pick up at your local Gamestop. Sony has not hinted at a new or updated PS3 console so speculation is running rampant with rumors that range from the not so exciting suggestion that this is a mere internal wireless component change to lower production cost to the exciting suggestion that this is new PS3 hardware whose novel specifications and feature list has yet to be uncovered. Knowing that Sony just refreshed the PS3 with its introduction of the Slim model in 2009, we expect the former but desperately hope for the latter, how about you?

[Via PS3 News]