BlackBerry App World hits the Web

The good news: BlackBerry fans can finally get their App World fix on their computers. The bittersweet news: App World’s desktop experience is way better than its on-device experience. RIM has just launched a new Web-based version of its App World offering, allowing users to browse the catalog in its entirety from any desktop browser (or even a decent mobile browser). The new interface is awesome but it’s not all ponies and lollipops, unfortunately. There are plenty of things we’d like to see improved in Web-based App World going forward; most importantly, it needs to be better integrated with the on-device portal. Currently, when you find an app you like all you can do is email a link to your Berry. Lame. We want deeper integration — mark apps of interest on the website and they should automatically jump to a flagged page the next time you open App World on your device. There are a few other things we would like to see implemented soon but since the site is fresh out of the oven, we’ll give RIM some time to flush things out a bit. In the meantime, hit the read link to browse App World on the Web and let us know what you think.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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