Ahhh, the old ‘digging for device profiles’ trick. We’re glad the trend is resurfacing because it gives everyone a basic idea of what handsets are coming down the pipe from manufacturers but we’re even more happy that there are other people out there willing to occupy their time with hunting for these elusive XML files so we don’t have to… So we’ve known HTC had an Android handset codenamed Fiesta in development thanks to the 09 roadmap and we got confirmation that the company was moving forward with the phone thanks to Bluetooth SIG. As such, the most important takeaway from the device profile actually isn’t found in the profile itself. No, we look to the URL to find those three little letters we’ve been waiting to see tied to Android for over a year now: “A”, “T” and “T”. That’s right people, the Fiesta is looking like it will be one of AT&T’s first Android-powered handsets, if not the first. Excited that the nation’s number two is finally going to sprinkle some Google dust on a handset or are you still pissed it won’t be the Hero?

[Via Cellpassion]