New Samsung Omnia software from Verizon drops shortly; so long, GPS lock

Have you been feeling left out lately, Samsung Omnia owners? You know deep down that your sexy Windows Mobile-powered touchscreen handset is a gem, but waiting around for Verizon to unlock the GPS is definitely trying your patience. Just when you were about to lose hope however, Verizon is finally ready to push out the update you’ve been waiting for. Yup, GPS lock is about to become a thing of the past. The update is all set to be pushed out within the hour so sit tight. Woo! We’re not sure what other fixes/features are included in this update but the important thing is that the big one is covered. Keep checking for that update and let us know how it goes!

UPDATE: It looks like the update is now live and ready to rock as of just before 4pm. Get moving people…

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