Sony said to be prepping VAIO P "mark 2" for an October release

If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, Sony would have actually taken its time and put more effort into the conception and development of its VAIO P netbook before it was announced and released some six months ago. Alas it didn’t, and the sales figures for the preposterously priced “don’t call it a netbook netbook” are proof enough of this. For those who dislike it merely for its sluggish performance however, perhaps you need only way a few months to upgrade to the newer model — TechRadar UK is reporting that a “mark 2” version of the VAIO P will be released this October. At this point in time nothing is know about the mark 2 other than the report that it boots up a lot faster. This isn’t exactly surprising of course, considering the old rumor that Sony will be refreshing the VAIO P to coincide with the release of Windows 7.


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