It looks like we’re not the only ones excited to see a desirable Symbian handset finally land on AT&T. is so excited in fact, it’s basically giving the phone away. AT&T’s slender new smartphone isn’t even a day old and it can already be had for the low, low price of 1¢. Seriously, just a penny — with free activation and free shipping! Of course the deal requires a 2-year contract but for Symbian fans, two years should be perfect. If the amount of time it took the company to launch the E71x is any indication, AT&T should just be releasing the N97 by the time your new contract is up. Those of you who have been begging for the E71x ever since we first scooped it back in November have probably already pulled the trigger at AT&T’s $99 price point, but no worries. $100 is hardly a tall order for the thinnest QWERTY smartphone in the world — plus FP2 bragging rights over your unlocked E71-carrying friends.

Thanks, Balki Bartokomous!


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