AT&T customers, it looks like you’re in for quite a few sexy new phones over the next few months if this new report ends up panning out. Here’s what we’re looking at according to a report from the boys over at Engadget Mobile:

  • Nokia Piranha, March 24th – Internal codename, a “thin smartphone with a touchscreen”. If true, it will have to be the 5800 XpressMusic we imagine, but we find it highly unlikely. The other, more likely possibility: The tipster is confused and it’s the E71x which will reportedly follow at Best Buy on April 1st.
  • Samsung Propel Pro, March 19th
  • Samsung Impression, March 26th – Touchscreen slider, 3 megapixel camera
  • LG Xenon, April 9th
  • LG Neon, May 9th
  • Samsung “BJ 2”, May 9th – Possibly the Blackjack 3, though that codename is extremely odd considering the existence of the already-available Blackjack 2.
  • Sony Ericsson C905, June 9th

See anything you like?