Black T-Mobile Dash now available for $99

Indeed, the color-refreshed T-Mobile Dash we scooped last month is now available for sale on the T-Mobile site. Just as we expected unfortunately, it’s just a Dash. That’s not to say this handset isn’t a decent choice for someone looking for a Windows Mobile with a full QWERTY keyboard of course, but we wanted more. We don’t need to go over the specs on this familiar HTC-built T-Mobile handset – the only change, after all, is the color. The only thing really worth highlighting is the price; at $99 after mail-in rebate, the Dash is definitely a good buy in its new black duds. So, T-Mobile people, are you all over it or will you just be holding out until next month when you can get your 8900 on?

Thanks, aussiedog!


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