Firefox 3.1 pre-release gets private browsing feature

Likely taking some cues from the upcoming Internet Explorer revamp equipped with what we affectionately refer to as porn mode, Mozilla is getting ready to release a heathen-friendly update of its own. The latest pre-release version of Firefox 3.1 comes packing a new menu item labeled “Private Browsing” and when active, Private Browsing will wipe all traces of your online escapades from your computer. History, cache, cookies and all the other little puzzle pieces that can be assembled if someone were to want to see what you’ve been up to on the internet. Enabling stealth browsing is as simple as selecting the option from a menu and sitting back while foxy does its thing. Any current sessions will be ended and Private Browsing will be enabled. When you’re done being sneaky, disabling it is just as simple. So, anyone afraid of having your boss catch you looking for a new gig while at work will soon be able to rely on Firefox to keep your secret safe. Granted, there’s still nothing that will save you if your boss sneaks up behind you…


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