Since what some might characterize as disastrous beginnings, Apple has been relatively quiet about the MobileMe service it initially billed as the savior of sync. In fact, short of a leaked email from the Jobsinator to his team we’ve basically heard nothing of interest. Apparently that doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t been hard at work repairing the mess it created however, and details have now emerged that bring Apple’s recent efforts to light. Apple is typically pretty tight-lipped when it comes to change logs but seeing as MobileMe was a bit of a mess, the Cupertino crew has changed its tune a bit. A new support document published on Apple’s site details a pretty extensive list of changes and improvements that supposedly went into effect in late September. Why it waited until the end of October to make these changes known is a bit of a mystery but hey – at least Apple is giving us something. Does this mean MobileMe troubles are now a thing of the past? You tell us – we still won’t touch MobileMe with a 10-foot pole…

[Via Ars Technica]