Last night, Google added Google Earth to its arsenal of iPhone / iPod Touch-invading apps and all we can say is wow. We imagine 99% of BGR readers have at least played with Google Earth on a computer at some point but for those few who aren’t familiar, it’s an application that lets you look at… The Earth. You know, like satellite view on Google Maps but waaay more intense. The video above is from Google’s release announcement and it goes through a variety of cool functions that are accessible. The movement and zoom are insanely smooth and clear on the iPhone’s display and that tilt feature is pretty sweet as well. Even if it is just a novelty for most, it’s still one of those must-have apps for when people annoy you with, “what’s so cool about the iPhone anyway?” The app is free of course and you can snag it in iTunes by hitting this link (phobos / iTunes link alert) or by searching Google Earth on your device.