Where there’s a console, there’s a battle between manufacturers and hackers. On the one side – the hacker. Always fighting to open closed doors and enable free functionality for gamers around the world. On the other side – the manufacturer. Always trying to seal holes in an effort to thwart hackers from eating into their revenue. Today there was a small victory for the latter as Nintendo released an update that puts the squeeze on homebrew, a Wii channel that eliminates the need for the Twilight Hack and allows users to access games on an SD card that were not obtained from Nintendo. God forbid. Current homebrewers will be happy to know that the update does not seem to affect existing homebrew installations but rather prevents users from installing the homebrew channel moving forward. Of course, that’s the story today. We would be surprised if this new patch from Nintendo isn’t circumvented by the end of the weekend…

[Via Giz]