Apple refreshing iMacs next month?

Apple’s notebook event has come and gone and while people are pretty polarized as far as Apple’s revamped MacBooks and MacBook Pros are concerned, it’s time to move on. So what’s next? It’s clearly time for a fresh crop of rumors to start making their way across the net. AI dug back to its hardware roadmap from a few months ago and decided to revisit the last stop on the tour, a refresh of Apple’s iMac line. Among the speculation is a likely processor upgrade, the addition of a DisplayPort (as El Jobso said, it will be the new Apple standard) and a possible NVIDIA graphics card upgrade. While an iMac refresh is certainly possible if not likely, we doubt Apple will make a terribly big deal out of it. The notebook event covered the new Cinema Display which isn’t due until next month so if the Cupertino crew wanted to make a big deal out of the new iMacs, they likely would have hosted a “computer event” as opposed to a “notebook event”. We shall see…


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