iPod Touch 2G supports Bluetooth?

Here’s a bit of a shocker. It seems that industry stalwarts iFixit, the folks known for disassembling just about every device known to man, discovered a bit of a surprise when they tore apart the new iPod Touch 2G. After tearing the case off the new iPod, iFixit discovered a new chipset that supports Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR. Yep, that Bluetooth. This is particularly odd, as Apple clearly made no mention of any sort of Bluetooth functionality in the new hardware during the Stevenote. We’d love to hear that this will actually be used for something, uh, useful, like stereo Bluetooth goodness, but there are whispers that the new integrated Nike+iPod kit uses the 2.4GHz frequency. That, our friends, is the same frequency as Bluetooth. Oh well, we can dream…


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