WiiBrain planning new connectivity-rich I1 UMPC

It’s no secret that we’re not exactly in love with WiiBrain’s design ethos. The company has a knack for designing and releasing products that would look more at home as a Fed-Ex inventory scanner than they do on your desk. That said, we always get pretty excited when we hear about a new feature-laden ultra mobile computer hitting the scene, and the I1 is no exception. The new UMPC from the most strangely named company in the world will include HSDPA, with an oh-so-attractive flip out antenna, and run on the Intel Centrino Atom Chipset. Unfortunately, clock speeds look to be a rather anemic 1.1-1.33 GHz, so don’t expect these things to do any heavy lifting. They should be coming in an array of colors, and sport a 30-60 GB disk drive, with an optional 64 GB SSD. No word on pricing or release date, but given the presence of a dummy page up on Dynamism, it can’t be too long now…


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