Leaked Images of Sony Ericsson W302 “Feng”

With all of the handset images that have been leaked over the past week it’s not exactly easy to get excited over the “Feng”. The BlackBerry Thunder, the Samsung i8510, the BlackBerry Javelin; all pretty much utter hotness. So when shots of a phone like the W302 come along over the weekend, it’s kind of hard to get excited. Of course the W302 will still be a decent entry into Sony Ericsson’s low to mid-range lineup, so we’ll tell you what we know: The W302 will be a Walkman-branded slim candybar in line with the S302. It has a 2 megapixel camera that lacks a flash and autofocus, a 176 x 220 pixel display and runs on the A2 software platform. It maintains Sony Ericsson’s standard button configuration but thankfully it has dedicated send and end keys as well. From what we’re hearing the W302 could be announced as soon as next week and it’s slated to be released mid-October. That’s pretty much it. Apparently it may be a part of several handsets that Sony Ericsson will be annoucing this coming Tuesday but we’re not sure any of them will be of interest…


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