MobileMe to go live between 6PM-12AM tomorrow

Those of you that have been patiently waiting for Apple’s new hosted PIM service to go online can begin rejoicing. The company has updated their .Mac status page, indicating that MobileMe will go live for new and current subscribers sometime between 6PM and 12AM on July 9th. During that maintenance window, Apple will be taking down their .Mac service, bringing to a close an era of mediocre service that will hopefully be replaced by the company’s “exchange for the rest of us” MobileMe. While we here at BGR are a bit more excited about iPhone 2.0’s legitimate Exchange implementation, we know more than a few of you are ready to jump on board with MobileMe’s push email, contact and calendar syncing. Let us know how your first encounter with the new service goes, but for our money, you’d be better off with a hosted exchange solution of your choosing. Just sayin’…


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